A year ago, we could never have imagined raising support to do mission work overseas. It was a concept we never wanted to discuss, and yet we were thrown into the middle of it, sink or swim.
I am happy to report that we are loving the process and could not be more thrilled about how much we are learning and growing in this time. At the same time, we are processing through some of the myths we formally believed.

1. “You’re lucky if you don’t have to raise support.”
Ie, you’re unlucky if you are raising support. I’ll be the first to admit, this used to be my mantra, 100%. But then we started raising support: meeting up with friends we haven’t seen in years; sitting face to face with people while they share their passion for missions; seeing our friends get plugged in to solid, mission-minded churches; seeing illumination happen in people’s eyes as they learn about The Circle of Silence; watching God change our expectations and grow our patience and confidence in Him. I mean, if that’s what you call unlucky…..

2. “I could never raise support because I feel uncomfortable asking people for money.”
Guess what? We’re uncomfortable with that too! (If you were in one of our first partnership meetings, sorry for our awkwardness!) But we celebrate how much growth we’ve had in this area.
We have never felt compelled to ask people to give US money. We are compelled by the gospel, for the gospel. We want to connect people to life changing ministry and should they decide to give financially, it’s on behalf of the beautiful Mexican people, giving them a chance to respond to the gospel. We are just the conduit, and that alleviates so much pressure from us.

Image 37

Samson is ready to go!

3. “Rich people will give you the most support,” or “Only ask rich people for support.”
We have had our pride handed to us on a platter more than once when it comes to pre-qualifying people’s giving abilities. God has shifted our thinking as we see people give huge amounts (that we think shouldn’t be able to) and others that don’t give anything (that seem like they could). Sometimes it is the rich who give the biggest amounts, but sometimes it’s notWe have discussed how much this is preparing us not to pre-qualify people ready to receive the gospel as well.

4. “Raising support takes sooooo lonnnnnnng!”
We’re talking 2+ years, just to get to the field. Now I will say, for some, this is still a very possible reality (cost of living is high, developing a network of support is difficult, etc). Here is our experience, from application to field arrival:
Not raising support – approx. 23 months
Raising support – on track for approx. 15 months


We want you to know, friend, that if we have asked you to join our partner network, it’s not because we just want your money. It’s because we value your friendship and we want to stay connected with you while we are working face to face with people in Mexico.
We see solid faith in you. We see a solid prayer life in you. We see a desire to reach people for Christ. We would be honored to have you on our team.
Will you join us?


Here’s how to join team GoFogel!

  • Lauren Baer

    This is SO GREAT!!! And so very true! We support raised for 2 months and launched for Europe. Wowza! God is good. Praying for your support raising!

    May 7th, 2014 18:01

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