Mike is a creative church planter in Mexico and is currently developing stateside partnerships. If you are interested in partnering, playing golf, or drinking coffee, contact him at GoFogel.com.
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His Praise Goes On

This very second the Earth is spinning on its axis, exposing parts to the new day's first rays of light and shrouding others in the darkness of night. In the same way, the praises of God's people are lifted up in a never-ending stream that circles the globe daily. From mega-cities and rural villages, from mountains and valleys, from jungles and deserts, the LORD Almighty is continuously worshipped in the...

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Picture This: A Choir, Sharks, and Apologetics

Is it the humidity? The Georgia heat? The long flight and drive home from Chicago? Just what exactly knocked us out our first few days back from training with TEAM? Yep, I was feeling it early last week. My body said rest, but the calendar said go-go-go! Our week was packed full of connecting, sharing, and plain ole busyness. With September quickly approaching, I am even more aware of how little time...

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Why go?

Why go? We get that question often when we tell people we are going to Mexico. Consider the questions in Romans 10:14. But how can they call on Him they have not believed in? And how can they believe without hearing about Him? And how can they hear without a preacher? The simple answer to Paul's questions is: "Without a preacher, they can't." The word Paul used for preacher is...

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Give God a Chance

It was March 2012 and I was wrapping up a visit with Anna's grandfather, John. I remember standing in his Nashville driveway with one hand on the car door, looking into the eyes of a man who'd seen ninety years of life and seventy years of ministry. I stopped myself from leaning in for that final hug and asked, "What advice do you have for us as we go to...

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Galatians 5:22

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Boom-Bang Oooh-Ahh

I recently had the chance to attend Vancouver's Celebration of Light. It is the largest offshore fireworks competition in the world! The event attracts 400,000 spectators and brings in a cool $39 million in tourism and hospitality spending. If you're wondering how I contributed to that total… I dropped $20 on a Starbucks sandwich, Green Machine juice, and a Dairy Queen sunday. Money well spent! [caption id="attachment_291" align="aligncenter" width="366"] green...

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Welcome To Our New Blog

Welcome to our blog, GoFogel.com.  We look forward to using this space to share our life through photos, videos, and general musings. Where are we now? Heber Springs, Arkansas. A happy little town about one hour outside of Little Rock. Anna's folks live here and we're enjoying a bit of family time before returning to Richmond for eight weeks of training. What have we been doing? Well...working! We've had a...

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10 Fun Fast Facts About Taiwan

Anna came across this post on a friend's blog and enjoyed it quite a bit. We bet you will enjoy it too! Have a watch and learn a bit about our new home.    

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