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5 Things We Learned from Patricia

1. Jesus is coming back soon In the hustle and bustle of storm prep, I was keenly aware of our deadline - when the storm would make landfall. If we weren't ready then, we weren't going to be ready at all. The irony was that if the news hadn't told me a storm was coming, I would never have known. I was trusting the reports that I needed to be...

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Facing Poverty

By now, many of you are following the stories about our friends' lives. This one, in particular, is currently rocking my worldview, especially in regard to blessings and poverty. The last night before our friend left town, he sat on our couch and calmly disclosed much of his life's history with us. Growing up as the poorest of the poor, his family had to take great lengths for him to...

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“I can’t click anything and I have that round spinny circle on the screen.” Whenever I say this to M, he always has the same response: “Have you turned the computer off and back on?” *Silence* He isn’t afraid to press buttons, turn machines on and off, and therefore often gets results. I, on the other hand, freeze like the screen. This got me thinking about times I have to...

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Give God a Chance

It was March 2012 and I was wrapping up a visit with Anna's grandfather, John. I remember standing in his Nashville driveway with one hand on the car door, looking into the eyes of a man who'd seen ninety years of life and seventy years of ministry. I stopped myself from leaning in for that final hug and asked, "What advice do you have for us as we go to...

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