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A different kind of Easter

W's brother (who is studying to be a chef) was in town this weekend and offered to cook us a very special Easter dinner. We loved the hands-on experience! (Check out my apron ;) ) Me: "Do we need a spoon or something?" J: "No.. Using your hands is what gives Mexican food its flavor." These are called sopes and huaraches (because of their similar shape to some popular sandals...

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AC 2015

This is just a glimpse of our week in Baja for Team Mexico's annual conference! The Guad Squad were represented during our morning worship sessions; Anna got to play piano and Paul led the adults and kids. Men's day out - Kayaking. Baja is beautiful. What better way to acknowledge our family-togetherness than with a game night? (Savannah friends, you'll be glad to know that Seven Wonders and Dominion are...

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The 12 Hour Day

"So you want to meet at 10 am?" This simple question instigated a full day of making new friends and discovering new things in our city (all in Spanish, of course!). Our caravan of cars drove in a single file line for about 20 minutes just south of the city. We parked in an inconspicuous spot on the side of the road. It was hard to tell, but the hike...

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San Sebastian del Oeste

San Sebastian is a sleepy town about an hour from Vallarta. It began as a mining community, and now you can also tour their coffee plantations. We took a cultural excursion (along with our friend, William) and Mike made good use of his camera. Enjoy!

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This was our first year to experience the pilgrimage for the Virgin of Guadalupe. The main cathedral downtown is named for her, so Tuesday-Friday, there were parades day and night in her honor. Many groups were represented in the parade: businesses, indigenous tribes, preschools, and more. Our language school held a sign and participated in one parade, though we opted to take pictures of the event instead. Songs were sung...

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GDL Roadtrip

This week, we took a 5 hour scenic drive through the mountains and quaint villages of Mexico to visit our teammates in Guadalajara. Enjoy some of these notable sights from the trip: We saw several teams of torch runners along the way. Here are a couple of unfiltered pics: I mean seriously. Then Google maps took us here for about 15 min: Yep - that's the middle of a corn field, not another...

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Beside still waters

We have been at the mercy of our visa paperwork more than once this month. It's hard not to worry and we did spend several days in limbo asking things like: "Should we pack/not pack? How much should we pack? Should we get more groceries or clean out the pantry? Will we be here two more days or twenty more days? (In which case, should we just unpack?)" Madness. But! We decided...

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Picture This: A Choir, Sharks, and Apologetics

Is it the humidity? The Georgia heat? The long flight and drive home from Chicago? Just what exactly knocked us out our first few days back from training with TEAM? Yep, I was feeling it early last week. My body said rest, but the calendar said go-go-go! Our week was packed full of connecting, sharing, and plain ole busyness. With September quickly approaching, I am even more aware of how little time...

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