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What’s it like? (financial version)

We've been dealt this question a lot in life. "What's it like in Mexico?" "What's it like raising support?" "What's it like to be back?"And the list goes on. True to form, what I *thought* it would be like and what it's actually like have been polar opposites. (Expectations, meet reality.) Coming from an SBC background, a lot of our frequently asked questions revolve around support raising. I'm here to...

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Home Assignment, here we come

This is an incredible time for us - our very first Home Assignment (HA)/furlough/stateside! It goes by many names, but it means some very specific things for us. What exactly happens during a HA? So glad you asked. :) 1. Reconnecting We hope to visit with you, our partners, in very personal and intentional ways. Dinners, coffee, small groups, one-on-one, skyping.... Invite us out, we'll invite you out. The setting might...

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Protected: Welcome to Waldburg

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Evangelism & Network Marketing

I bet you could name 20 products or people that are selling things in your FB feed. (I might even show up in that list!) As I have just begun to dabble in the world of network marketing, I am floored about HOW MUCH applies to evangelism! It's uncanny. I hope that I'm not the only one making this association, but it's been so much on my mind that I...

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Artisan Lives

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Mi casa es su casa

These are the perfect details that came together for acquiring our house: - We first visited this particular neighborhood with our team leader back in April during our vision trip to PV. We drove/walked through, commenting on the good vibe that the area had. (Homes all surrounding a park, lots of cafes/restaurants nearby...) "Maybe we'll live somewhere like this," we said. -Landing in PV this fall, we started our search in an...

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I married the wrong man

Before I was married, I sometimes imagined being married – to someone exactly like me. That’s what a soul mate is anyway, right? I would often think things like this (best read like Jimmy Fallon’s “Sara” character): “Wall plah myahsak (ahspaciahllay sahngang duahts ehn chahrch togahthahr), nahvar AHVAR fahght, gah dahnsahng a LAHT, raehd mahrrahge bohks togahthahr, ahnd cahddahl ehvrahy dahy!”* Mere weeks, maybe even days into our marriage, I realized this...

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Fearless Summer

I am not brave. If all my friends were jumping off a bridge, I would not do it because I'm afraid of heights (not because of my ability to withstand peer pressure!). But this wasn't always the case. My mom tells me that when I was little, I approached life with a "Here I am!" attitude. My first day of kindergarten, I was the first one to get on the bus...

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Unexpected healing

As we wound our way around the country roads, I could feel my stomach rising and falling synchronously with the hills. We were on our way to the place our story began...and where it also took an unexpected turn. Almost exactly one year ago, we were driving out to the training center to get answers. We were in a whirlwind of change and trying to understand what had happened and...

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4 MythBusters of Partnership Building

A year ago, we could never have imagined raising support to do mission work overseas. It was a concept we never wanted to discuss, and yet we were thrown into the middle of it, sink or swim. I am happy to report that we are loving the process and could not be more thrilled about how much we are learning and growing in this time. At the same time, we...

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