I bet you could name 20 products or people that are selling things in your FB feed. (I might even show up in that list!)
As I have just begun to dabble in the world of network marketing, I am floored about HOW MUCH applies to evangelism! It’s uncanny. I hope that I’m not the only one making this association, but it’s been so much on my mind that I decided to make a quick list:

-“30 in 30”
Have you heard that you’re supposed to try and have 30 conversations about your product a month?
What if those were spiritual conversations? Abundant gospel sowing means talking about it. A LOT. (And if that seems high pressure, you could even start with something like four convos a week. Even one is better than none!)

When you sell a product, you hear things differently in your friends’ conversations. “I sure wish it was easier to lose weight.” “I’ve been looking for a new necklace but I haven’t found anything I like.” “I got this new lipstick but it was the wrong shade for me.” If your business addresses one of those issues, your ears should be piqued and you should jump on the opportunity to say, “Have I got a solution for you!”
What if we started tuning our ears to hear the spiritual needs of the people around us? “I just lost my job.” “I really struggle with insecurity.” “I guess we just have to hope for the best and that will be good enough.” Don’t forget that you, Christian, have the best news that person could ever receive. Like, literally – ever.

-Don’t (pre)judge
You ever try to sell something to someone you just KNOW would buy one of all your products, only to find that they have absolutely ZERO interest in purchasing? Then, the casual conversation that came out of nowhere (and you expected to fall flat) leads to a booming downline that you could have never dreamed of?
This. Is. So. Like. Evangelism! I can’t tell you how many times I have/haven’t shared with someone because I just KNEW they would/wouldn’t respond well. And who usually responds? The people with hard exteriors. The people with broken lives and relationships. The quick, on-the-go, “chance” meetings. While we get stuck on exteriors, God is at work all around us, looking at people’s hearts. Don’t judge; get the message out and He’ll be sovereign over the response.

-Talk about what you like
People are watching. They want to know what’s worked for you. And if it works for you, maybe they’ll give it a shot.
You have the Spirit of God in you. He’s light. It’s His power at work within you that draws other people to Himself. Talk about what He’s done for you. You never know who will want to “give Him a shot.”
i like it

-It’s best sold friend to friend
Network marketing is popular because the products are shared through friendship. Stranger-to-stranger can work, but there is arguably higher value in getting a recommendation from someone who really knows you. We are meant to make disciples. Evangelism should always be headed in that direction. Can you imagine – if you made a list of everyone you know and started sharing/making disciples within that circle? And then what if they started sharing in their circles? You know how it works.

I applaud you, my brave, networking friends. I pray you run your business with integrity and lift high the name of Jesus in your network!


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