This is an incredible time for us Рour very first Home Assignment (HA)/furlough/stateside! It goes by many names, but it means some very specific things for us.

What exactly happens during a HA? So glad you asked. ūüôā

1. Reconnecting
We hope to visit with you, our partners, in very personal and intentional ways. Dinners, coffee, small groups, one-on-one, skyping…. Invite us out, we’ll invite you out. The setting might look different but the purpose is to hear what’s happening in your lives¬†and share what God is doing in ours. Our tentative home-base schedule (subject to change) looks like this:

– July-Aug – Richmond, VA (primarily Movement Church)
– Sept-Jan – Savannah, GA (primarily Bull St. Baptist Church)

– potential Mid-West and East coast travel pending (Ok, Tx, Ar & Nc, Sc, Fl)

2. Resolidifying our support budget/network

HA is a great time for us to reevaluate where our financial support levels are so we know if we are under/over/just right. Some important things to note here:
-If we ask to spend time with you, don’t run away or assume we are going to always be asking for money! (see # 1)
-HA is one of the most important times for us to gather one-time financial gifts; these go into a separate account and are used as “buffers” any time there is fluctuation in our ongoing, monthly support.

3. Evaluating the first term/making a plan for our return
As simple as it sounds.¬†After spending some time in Vallarta, we have ideas for what kind of jobs/skills might be useful on our team. We’ll be posting some jobs on the TEAM Mexico site and working on recruiting for our team.


4. TEAM debriefing and potential training for future ministry
We will travel to Wheaton, IL for a debriefing with TEAM workers from around the world. As we anticipate what the ministry will look like in the second term, we may be able to participate in conferences or training, specific to what we expect field needs to be.

5. Doctor visits
Partially a TEAM requirement and partially just how it works out in our situation, we cram a lot of check-ups into this time, get updated on shots if we need to, etc.


Totally stole this from a friend, but we felt it was spot-on in making the HA transition¬†–

“Sometimes, if we are being honest, it is hard for each of us (your side and our side) to relate with one another because our worlds are so different. ¬†Both worlds in equal need of Christ, and both so important‚Ķ just different. ¬†We know that not everyone knows what to ask us or talk to us about so here are some questions that hold us accountable and make us feel very loved. ¬†(Obviously, you can ask questions off the ‚Äúlist.‚ÄĚ Rachel from Friends, anyone? ¬†) ¬†Again, these are just a few questions that dig a little deeper, but we welcome all questions and admonitions!”

  1. What are some of the ways you saw God working in you this past year?
  2. How has God affirmed your call to be in Mexico this past year?
  3. When you struggle with wanting to come back to the States, how can we encourage you to stand strong in His call?
  4. What are your favorite things to do for fun there?
  5. What are some of the cultural differences that drive you crazy?  Which ones do you love?
  6. How has your time with the Lord been this year?  When you are in a dry season, what are the visible differences in your life/marriage/family/work?
  7. What do you miss from there when you are back here?  What do you miss from the States when you are in Mexico?
  8. What are you excited to start working on when you go back to Mexico?


We love you and are so thrilled to spend time with you, face-to-face, very soon!





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