These are the perfect details that came together for acquiring our house:

– We first visited this particular neighborhood with our team leader back in April during our vision trip to PV. We drove/walked through, commenting on the good vibe that the area had. (Homes all surrounding a park, lots of cafes/restaurants nearby…) “Maybe we’ll live somewhere like this,” we said.

-Landing in PV this fall, we started our search in an area that is just across the main road from our house (though we didn’t realize it at the time). As we expanded our search, we rediscovered the park-centered community and it was fun to say, “Hey we know this area! We didn’t realize it was right here, so close!”

-We saw our house with a realtor the first time and knew right away it was special. However, it was about $200 over budget per month. We could have penny-pinched to make it work, but we kept looking.


-And kept looking.

-And looking.

-Two strong contenders rose up in the search, but both fell through, along with our hopes.

-This week we had to be out of our apartment by Thursday – still no firm plans on the horizon. We made a short list of homes to revisit and decided to just pick one. (“My-mother-told-me-to-pick-the-very-best-one…” etc.)

-When we revisited our home, we remembered again how warm and peaceful it felt. Oh, and this time, the price had been dropped – by $200 a month.


-It is unfurnished, but this weekend is Mexico’s version of Black Friday. All the major stores have discounts averaging 40% off, so we will potentially be able to outfit our entire house – including appliances – for an amazing price, the day after we move in.

We can’t wait to settle in and there is plenty of room for guests! We’ll give a tour once it’s set up and we hope you’ll come see us 🙂


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