This was our first year to experience the pilgrimage for the Virgin of Guadalupe. The main cathedral downtown is named for her, so Tuesday-Friday, there were parades day and night in her honor.
Many groups were represented in the parade: businesses, indigenous tribes, preschools, and more. Our language school held a sign and participated in one parade, though we opted to take pictures of the event instead.



Songs were sung in her honor and streets were blocked off so that vendors and food tents could set up shop. The entire square downtown was filled with the aroma of rotisserie meats and frying oil.



A few of the floats included young girls, 8 or 9 years old, dressed as the Virgin of Guadelupe, and a young boy followed behind, representing the man who saw her apparition.


Most people wore white or traditional Mexican clothes as they carried candles and flowers to leave at the cathedral at the end of the night.


Before entering the church, the priest splashed holy water on all the groups passing by. Once inside, dancers made their way down the center aisle and even danced on the altar.



Here’s a little clip Mike took at the end of the night:




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