“I can’t click anything and I have that round spinny circle on the screen.”
Whenever I say this to M, he always has the same response:
“Have you turned the computer off and back on?”



He isn’t afraid to press buttons, turn machines on and off, and therefore often gets results. I, on the other hand, freeze like the screen.
This got me thinking about times I have to “press the reset button” in my life. I freeze and am resistant to it. But why?

Probably because I like to do things well. With excellence. Dare I say, with perfection. “Reset” sounds like failure in my ears. But I need to renew my mind in that area… A mental reset, if you will.

Being the first ones on our team in this city, we are going to try a lot of things and not everything is going to be “successful.” We’re walking through that dilemma in language school right now. Our ideas about the program, how we would make friends, and integrating into the city have not been as fruitful as we had hoped, so we are making some changes.


Resetting is messy; it doesn’t fit in a box. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

When we reset, we take some time to be still and get new direction. No fight or flight, just perfect stillness. And with a new direction, we start again. We are renewed day by day, just as sure as the coming of the morning sun. For now, I’m thinking of “resetting” as “renewal.” This job gives us no lack of opportunities for flexibility and fresh perspective, and for that I am grateful.



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