We’ve been dealt this question a lot in life. “What’s it like in Mexico?” “What’s it like raising support?” “What’s it like to be back?”And the list goes on.

True to form, what I *thought* it would be like and what it’s actually like have been polar opposites. (Expectations, meet reality.) Coming from an SBC background, a lot of our frequently asked questions revolve around support raising. I’m here to scratch that curious itch for you and let you in on what it’s like!

Are you starting from zero in support raising?
No. (I can’t even imagine that!) We had very few supporters that needed to discontinue so we are currently 80% funded.

So why the deficit?
We received a large amount of one-time gifts given before our first term that have elapsed, so that is the part that needs to be replenished, either by one-time or recurring gifts.

How much do you need in order to go back?
Approximately 20 new partners who will give between $15-$100 a month. (Around $1200 in monthly support)

If you have personal businesses, do you still need financial support?
Unquestionably. We were thrilled to be able to start some businesses (Michael’s glass straw co and our AirBnB) to supplement our support requirements. Those businesses provide 20% of our monthly budget. That means we still need 80% from our partners.

I bet you’re so stressed out and worried about raising support.
Yes and no. The reality that we can’t go back to Mexico until we are 100% funded is an ever present opportunity to worry, OR trust God for our every provision, to experience His unexpected gifts coming from unexpected partnerships, and to lift Jesus above material things 100 times a day.

More than make us afraid, it keeps us seeking God more deeply and is draws us continually closer to Him.


As our time in Virginia comes to a close, we are treasuring the one on one meetings we’ve had, as well as visits with small groups/Sunday school classes etc. Those times become memories we take with us and motivate us while we are in Mexico.  (Savannah, we look forward to making those memories with you soon!)

We love you and are thrilled to have you along for the journey!







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